28 services per week;Akasa Air to launch Kochi operation

* Weekly Bangalore service from Kochi to touch 100
* Kochi among Akasa’s priority list of 4 airports

Akasa Air, country's newest airline, announced its operations from Kochi. Akasa will operate 28 services in the Bangalore-Kochi-Bangalore sector from 13 August 2022 offering two flights daily. Kochi topped the list of Akasa’s first phase of operation which will see 56 flights catering to Kochi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Bangalore.
Of the two daily services, the first one will arrive from Bangalore at 8.30 am and return at 9.05 am. The second flight will be arriving at 12.30 pm and returning at 1.10 pm the same day. With the commencement of Akasa’s operation, Kochi airport will see 99 departures to Bangalore alone in a week. IndiGo, AirAsia, GoFirst, and Alliance Air currently operating in the sector.
CIAL Managing Director S. Suhas IAS said that CIAL is happy that Kochi Airport has been chosen for the first phase of the Akasa’s service in India. “ The efforts taken by Hon. Chairman and board of the directors to bring in more airlines have started producing results. Many airlines have already chosen Kochi for starting their international services. CIAL hopes that Kochi airport can facilitate more services to all major cities in India in the upcoming winter schedule and we have mooted plans for that “ Suhas added
As per the summer schedule came into effect from April CIAL has been handling 1190 aircraft movements per week. The airport operator hopes that the traffic will grow at par with the pre- pandemic level by the end of current year.