Area 1300 Acres approximately
Aerodrome Reference Code 4
Aerodrome Code Letter E
Aerodrome Ref. Point Lat. 100 09l 13.8ll N Long. 760 24l 25.3ll E
Distance & Direction from City

28 kms from Cochin (Ernakulam Junction Railway Station)

Aerodrome Elevation 30 ft
Aerodrome Reference Temperature  29.60 C
2006-07 14172 16501 30673
2007-08 16335 22833 39168
2008-09 19047 22125 41172
2009-10 18068 23476 41544
2010-11 18465 22615 41080
2011-12 18324 22817 41141
2012-13 20286 21252 41538
2013-14 23134 24082 47216
2014-15 25929 26855 52784
2015-16 29861 27901 57762
2016-17 31691 31136 62827
2017-18 32944 36717 69661
2018-19 30840 41031 71871
2019-20  29309 38441   67750
2020-21 8129 18857 26986
2021-22 17546 25649 43195
2022-23 25741 35490 61231
2023-24 29601 40602 70203
2006-07 1429172 1131898 2561070
2007-08 1770612 1567530 3338142
2008-09 2010114 1352687 3362801
2009-10 2232346 1713757 3946103
2010-11 2359937 1985242 4345179
2011-12 2588032 2135361 4723393
2012-13 2934017 1965970 4899987
2013-14 3271755 2114708 5386463
2014-15 3745043 2682929 6427972
2015-16 4641127 3129658 7770785
2016-17 4998284 3942914 8941198
2017-18 5235136 4889839 10124975
2018-19 4932265 5268824 10201089
2019-20 4700293 5010380 9710673
2020-21 919346 1550750 2470096
2021-22 2231256 2527741 4758997
2022-23 4213621 4715363 8928984
2023-24 4930831 5598883 10529714
  • Country’s 1st heritage terminals; a design inspired from Kerala’s traditional architecture and festival ambience
  • 15 lakh sqft International Terminal and 6 lakh sqft Domestic Terminal 
  • Peak hour passenger handling capacity of 2000 pax on both terminals 
  • AERA benchmarked infrastructure for cost-effective airport
  • A Business JET Terminal to offer exclusively to general aviation
  • 35,000 sqft VVIP safe house
  • 50 budget rooms
Domestic Terminal

The Domestic Terminal Complex has exclusive arrival and departure areas spread over a floor area of 6 lakshs sqft, with a peak hour passenger handling capacity of 2000 incoming and 2000 domestic outgoing passengers. It is fully integrated with all modern passenger amenities to cater to the domestic travellers to/from Cochin. With traditional Kerala style architecture and design, the airport ambience is warm and welcome, and at the same time, world-class. All domestic flights are handled through this complex. A shopping complex consisting of 40 shops are situated at this terminal. There are two conveyor belts in the arrival hall.

Arrival Hall: The Arrival Hall at the Domestic Terminal of Cochin International Airport is integrated with travel-friendly facilities and services that help you get around with the least of hassles. Some of the facilities available at the arrival hall are: Waiting Area, Baggage Claim, Prepaid Taxi ,Tourism Information Centre, Touch Screen Kiosk (Kerala Tourism) Currency Exchange Bureau, Hospitality Services Counters of CGH Earth Hotels, Abad Group of Hotels, Taj Group of Hotels, Saj Hotels & Resorts and Sports Lakshadweep Tourism, Offices of the Chief Airport Security Officer, Police Assistance Counters, Coffee Kiosk, Public Conveniences, Fire Exit / Security etc.

Departure Hall: The Domestic Departure Hall has a peak hour passenger handling capacity of 2000. The departure area has a spacious waiting area for the convenience of passengers and accompanying persons. Airline check-in counters, baggage wrapping machine, baggage screening, security check, airline offices, foreign exchange services, restaurant & lounge, coffee & snacks kiosk, public conveniences etc are a few of the facilities available for passengers at the Domestic Departure area.

A built-in shopping arcade caters to a wide range of travel requisites with exclusive shops / kiosks for: Apparels, Books & Publications, Cashews & Spices, Broadband Internet Café, Coffee & Snacks etc.

Parking : The airport has the facility to accommodate up to 1500 cars.

International terminal
T2- Business Jet Terminal

T2 is a one-of-a-kind terminal that integrates tourism, international summits, and business conferences. It is India’s first charter gateway. The movement of high net worth individuals also accentuates the idea of cost-effectiveness in the development of an elegant airport terminal. This 40,000 sq.ft. terminal is compatible for international and domestic business jet operations with an exceptional ‘safe house’ facility for security-exempted personages. With an exclusive private car parking space, drive-in porch, a grand lobby, five opulent lounges, a business centre, duty free shop, foreign exchange counter and high-end video conferencing room, the terminal serves as an elegant setting for the passage of high net worth individuals. Dedicated aircraft parking, professional terminal management and passenger handling including the shortest distance from car door to aircraft door, makes it a unique gateway terminal for promoting ‘Brand Kerala’ in other parts of the world. This business terminal elevates the status of Kerala, the ‘God’s own Country’ making the state an ideal platform in hosting major events like G20 Summit.

  • Separate passenger terminals for Domestic and International operations with cumulative area of 2.1 M sqft
  • Separate Business Jet Terminal with an area of 40,000 sqft
  • Runway - 3400 m long, 45 m wide, Code E Compatible
  • Air Traffic service H24 through Area Control Centre, Approach Control Centre, Tower Control supported by Airport Surveillance Radar systems. ASMGCS-SMR in pre-commissioning stage
  • 31 parking stands including 5 for WB aircraft. 5 stands served with twin aerobridgess for Terminal 3, to accommodate Aircraft combination up to 7
  • CAT 1 Instrument landing system for RWY27&RWY 09
  • CAT 3 compatible AGL for RWY 27
  • Advanced visual docking guidance system for precise and safe aircraft docking
  • Hydrant fueling facility
Aircraft handled
Boeing 747,777,737 Airbus 340,330,310,321,320,319 Embraer, ATR - 42, ATR – 72
Runway characteristics
Runway Length: 3400 m Runway Width: 45 m Runway Shoulder Width: 7.5 m (on both sides) Strength: PCN 60 Parallel Taxiway: 3400 m Orientation: 27/09
Runway characteristics

The facilities, technical details and charges that apply for landing / parking aircrafts at the Cochin Airport are furnished below:

Parking Apron
29 Parking stands (Including 2 MARS) 5 Aerobridge Bays Power in and Pushback system
Parking stand details
Parking Stand No. Suitability
1 Code E
2 Code E
3 Code E except B777 & A346
4 Code E except B772ER/LR& A346
5 Upto A-300
6 Upto A-300
7 Code C
8 Upto A-320
9 Upto ATR72-500
10 Code C
10A Upto DO-228
11 Code C
12 Code C
13 Code C
14 Code C
15 Code C
16 Code C
19 Code E
20 Code E
21 Code E
22L Code C
22 Code E
22R Code C
23L Code C
23 Code E
23R Code C
35 Code C
36 Code C
Elevation: 26 FT  
Parking Stand No. Suitability
17 Code C
18 Code C
Helicopter suitability (overall dimension/max rotor diameter)
41 18M Code E
42 18M Code C
43 18M Code E
44 18M Code C
1. Isolation Parking Bay Elevation: 26 FT
Surface PCN Latitude Longitude Dimension Suitability
Cement Concrete 65 R/B/W/T 100913.39E 762306.00N 60m radius Code E
1. Isolation Parking Bay Elevation: 26 FT
Surface PCN Latitude Longitude Dimension Suitability
Cement Concrete 65 R/B/W/U 100924.24N 762406.47E -- Code C
Electrical systems

Fully qualified, well-experienced and trained engineers and technicians are positioned at various locations to ensure smooth, trouble free operations and maintenance of electrical installations and equipments.

Three shifts round-the-clock electrical operations are underway in both the airport as well as the outer stations.

Main power is supplied from the Angamaly substation. All substations in the airport and and outer stations have automatic mains failure system with minimum change over time.

Some of the Electrical Systems at the Airport include:
  • Fully equipped maintenance section
  • Highly sensitive relay, protection and safety systems
  • Centralized A/C plant with two standby units for Domestic, International terminals
  • Centralized A/C with two standby units for ATC tower
  • Fully automated programmable addressable fire detection system in both the terminals and the ATC tower
  • Superior sophisticated escalator in departure and arrival of International terminal
  • Lift with standby unit in ATC tower
  • Fully sophisticated Baggage Conveyor System in both arrival and Departure of both terminals
  • Round-the-clock water availability through different sources and modern control pumping systems
  • Automatic Fire Hydrant System
  • Round-the-clock 3-shift operation under the supervision of qualified and experienced Electrical Engineers
  • 3 shift operation in all outer stations
  • A fully furnished maintenance section
  • Night landing facilities
  • Illuminated signboards and markers
  • Instrument Landing System (ILS)
  • State-of-the-art Outer Marker, NDB, DVOR-1 and DVOR-2
  • Imported High Mast Lighting System for flood lighting of car park and apron
  • Use of proper energy conservation methods using level controllers, maximum demand monitoring, electronic chokes, automatic power factor correction instruments and timers
Lighting systems
  • Approach Lighting System
  • Imported High Mast Lighting System for flood lighting of car park and apron
  • Imported High Mast Lighting System for flood lighting of car park and apron
  • Runway 09: PAPI, Glide angle 3 degrees
  • Runway 27: PAPI, Glide angle 3 degrees
Runway Lighting
  • Runway 27: Edge and Threshold lights
  • Runway 09: Edge and Threshold lights
Runway Lighting System
  • Runway lighting-CAT-1: High intensity runway lighting with a standby circuit
  • Approach lighting-CAT-1: Approach Lighting System at 27 and simple approach lighting at 09
  • PAPI (Precision Approach Path Indication) at 27 and 09
  • Taxiway Lighting-medium intensity: Taxiway lighting system with spare circuit
  • Modern beacon system and illuminated wind cone
Apron Flood Lights
  • Apron Flood Lights consist of six 30M high masts placed between the terminal and the apron to give uniform illumination on the apron
Emergency Power Supply
  • Emergency power supply by diesel generators is available for Runway, Taxiway, Approach Lights, PAPI and Apron Flood Lights
  • Switch over time less than 15 seconds, satisfying ICAO requirement
Night landing facilities
  • Category I Approach Lighting System from Runway 27
  • Simple Approach System from Runway 09
  • Runway edge lighting, Threshold lighting, Taxiway edge lighting
  • Precision Approach Path Indicator for Runway 27 and 09
Direction Indicators Wind Direction Indicator
  • One Wind Direction Indicator (WDI) provided on the southern side of the Rwy 27 near to glidepath
  • One Wind Direction Indicator (WDI) provided on the northern side of the Rwy 09 adjacent to C1
  • Also one non illuminated wind cone is provided on eastern side of taxiway H on Rwy 27 end for fire station
Landing Direction Indicator
  • Lighted landing 'T' provided adjacent to Taxiway C4
Communication and navigation Instrument Landing System including DME category
  • Doppler VHF omni range I & II
  • Non Directional Beacon
  • Distance Measuring Equipment I & II
  • VHF communication facilities
  • Digital Airport Met info service
  • Hotlines to other ATC centres
  • 45 M high control tower
  • Automatic Visual Range Assessor
Airline Address Telephone
Air Arabia http://www.airarabia.com/ +91-484-2611153 (Direct No)
Air Asia http://www.airasia.com/ +91-484-2611434 / 436
Air Asia India https://www.airasia.com/flights/india 0484 26 11 433/ 434/ 444
Air India http://www.airindia.com/ 0484-2610041/ 2610050
Air India Express http://www.airindiaexpress.in +91-484-2610040 (Direct No)
Air Jazeera https://www.jazeeraairways.com/ 07290021295/ 296
Emirates http://www.emirates.com/ +91-484-2610115 Extn: 2281
Etihad http://www.etihadairways.com +91-484-2611770/ 71
Fly Dubai https://www.flydubai.com/en/ 0484 4855588, 77
Gulf Air http://www.gulfair.com +91-484-2611346 (Direct No)
Indigo http://www.goindigo.in +91-484-2611751 (Direct No.)
Kuwait Airways http://www.kuwaitairways.com/ +91-484- 2610251 (Direct No.)
Lion Air https://www.lionair.co.id/ (+62)811-193-80888 ( Whatsapp chat only)
Malaysia Airlines  https://www.malaysiaairlines.com/my/en.html  1800 102 7778 (Customer Service No.) 
Malindo Air https://www.malindoair.com/in/ 0484 2611225
Oman Airways http://www.omanair.aero/wy/ +91-484- 2610169 (Direct No)
Qatar Airways http://www.qatarairways.com/in/ +91-484-2611305 (Direct No.)
Saudi Arabian Airlines http://www.saudiairlines.com/ +91-484-2611287 (Direct No.), 2610115 Extn: 2289
Singapore Airlines http://www.singaporeair.com 0484 2610115-2299
Spicejet http://www.spicejet.com +91-484-2610115 Extn : 2173
SriLankan Airlines http://www.srilankan.lk/ +91-484-2611313/ 314
Thai AirAsia  https://www.airasia.com/en/gb  080 4666 2222 (Customer Service)
Thai Airways https://www.thaiairways.com/en/index.page Tel : (66) 2356-1111 (Contact Centre-Reservations)
Vietjet https://www.vietjetair.com/en 0484 - 2315590
Vistara http://www.airvistara.com 0484 2610115-2180, 2181

 CIAL Security Wing is responsible for the screening of registered baggage at international and domestic terminals. As per BCAS directions the authority for management and accountability for all security aspects of registered baggage is vested with CIAL Security Wing. All the security staff of the department are BCAS certified screeners. CIAL Security Wing will remain to focus on proactive strategies to safeguard civil aviation against acts of unlawful interference.

Inline Hold Baggage Screening System (ILHBSS) at International and Domestic Terminal 
CIAL has installed a multi-level Computed Tomography- Explosive Detection System (CT-EDS) based inline screening system at both International and Domestic terminal as per the specifications prescribed by BCAS. CIAL has installed four CTX machines at both terminals. 
The CTX machine scans the baggage, uses the data it collects to construct images that display the baggage contents, and analyses the data to determine whether the baggage contains potential threats.


Aviation Security Group

CISF has been entrusted with security of airports in India since 2000. They are designated as Aviation Security Group (ASG.) The In-charge of CISF at an airport is designated as the Chief Aerodrome Security Officer (CASO) and is responsible for enforcement of security measures at the airport. 

Contact Information

CIAL SECURITY WING CONTROL ROOM: 0484 - 2610115 ; EXT: -2751


State of the art technology and well-equipped crew creates an effective emergency team, who can take on multiple roles likez
  • Rescue and Firefighting
  • Fire/Disaster prevention
  • Training
  • Emergency Medical/Ambulance services
  • Runway Safety inspections
  • Disabled aircraft Recovery
  • Maintenance Division

From Emergency Preparedness to Emergency Response, technology is transforming the airport emergency services. Far-sighted investment in the most modern appliances is ensuring that ARFF department has the most modern facilities for quick and efficient response to any emergency incident in the airport. ARFF plays a crucial role in preserving the quality of life of all aviation stakeholders and is accomplished through preparedness, emergency response readiness, disaster prevention and training.

Officers and staff are well committed to go beyond their line of duty to do additional roles like providing 'Follow me' service to the aircraft and VVIP movements, 'Leader' service to assist engineering team on movement area, 'Turnout' to disperse wildlife when needed, etc. We believe that engaging in multiple roles makes the team more competent during their firefighting and rescue operations.

Cochin International Airport Limited maintains CAT 9 Level of protection. Being the first responders for any kind of emergencies in the vicinity of the airport, CIAL Airport Emergency Service remains a critical function as it guards over every flight that takes off and lands at the airport.

Training plays a vital role and officers are committed to establish that all ARFF team members are trained enough for ensuring every possibility of fire safety standard by continuous training and performance evaluation. “Serve to Save” is the motto of CIAL’s Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Department and the team always strives towards the sense of assurance that our airport and the passengers are taken care of in case of any unexpected situations.