CIAL to implement FASTag- Smart Parking systems

 Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL) is set to revolutionize its parking facilities with the introduction of FasTag and Smart Parking systems. The initiative aims to provide passengers with an enhanced and efficient parking experience. The Smart Parking system, driven by cutting-edge technology, is designed to streamline the parking process, significantly reducing payment transaction time to an impressive '8 seconds per customer.' This marks a substantial improvement from the current average waiting time of approximately 2 minutes at entry and exit points.   

New parking system and fastag entries will come into effect from 1st December, 2023.  A temporary lane will be devoted to facilitate vehicles without fastags.  There has been a long-time demand both from local authorities and the police that the commercial taxi services; now parking on roadside, to the airport would be given parking facilities in the airport premises. In view of this, additional parking space has been developed and a decision has been taken to collect entry fee from all taxis coming to the airport
In addition to Fastag implementation, the Smart parking envisages   a parking management system with guidance, slot counting and number plate reader systems . CIAL has a covered parking capacity of around 2800 vehicles (both international and domestic), wherein the entry as well as the parking  will now be completely done through the FasTag system. 
Key features of the ‘FASTag and Smart Parking’ system include a Parking Management System (PMS) streamlining parking operations for optimal efficiency as well as a Parking Guidance System (PGS) which ensure smooth navigation during entry-exit points  and inside the car park. There is also a  Parking Slot Counting System that features the ‘slot count’, i.e., it gives real-time updates on available parking spaces. The Automated Entry and Exit Lanes utilizes FasTag which enables smooth payment options as in National Highway toll gates. The Automatic Number Plate Reader (ANPR) integrated with the ticketing system gives precise counting of the vehicle’s entry time. In addition to this, there are Pay-on-foot Stations, the automatic mechanism for parking payment which can be operated by the passengers themselves. Passengers can book parking slots as per their convenience effortlessly through a customized mobile portal available through CIAL mobile application.  
The Central Control & Command Centre oversees and optimizes parking operations in real-time. All these are set up through robust networking, lease lines, civil works, and clear signages for a well-organized framework. FasTag integration, RFID readers, ANPR cameras and more,  work seamlessly to create a parking solution that prioritizes speed, convenience, and passenger satisfaction. This ensures a swift and stress-free entry, eliminating queues at entry points. The trial phase has already commenced, providing a glimpse of the efficiency and convenience for airport entry.  The parking management system is also equipped with a comprehensive network of 900 Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras strategically installed for meticulous oversight and efficient management. 
“At CIAL, we are always keen to take the passenger experience at the airport to the next level. After the successful implementation of DigiYatra, CIAL is all set to implement smart digital solutions at all passenger touch points. The new ‘FasTag; Smart parking’ facilities are developed as a part of our plan to create a technology driven environment where our passengers can experience hassle free entry and exit as well as real time parking solutions without ado”, said CIAL officials.