1.1  Cochin International Airport limited (CIAL), the first Greenfield airport in India under the public private partnership model is one of the fastest growing airports. CIAL having the 4th largest International passenger traffic in India has annually over 10 million passenger movement and a current aircraft movement of over 1500 aircrafts per week. CIAL has been able to provide the best operational equipment, facilities and infrastructure to both airlines and passengers.

1.2  CIAL (also referred as purchaser in this tender document) now invites tenders from reputed Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) / authorized Indian agents for Supply of one number of Runway sweeping machine at Cochin International Airport Ltd along with Operation & Maintenance of the same for 9 years including the warranty period of 2 Years as per Technical Specifications issued in this tender document. The quote shall be made as required in the financial bid format of CIAL annexed to this tender document.

1.3  The bidder has to quote for operating the runway sweeper round the clock by deploying at least one qualified and experienced equipment operator cum driver (with relevant regulatory permits including heavy vehicle driving license with minimum 2 years driving experience) at a time in 8 hour shift pattern during the entire contract period of 9 years, which is extendable up to 15 years on mutually agreed terms and conditions. The operator cum driver shall be supported by a helper on General duty basis (6 days a week) Helper needs to have a heavy vehicle driving license and LMV with 3 years’ experience. The driver / operator and the helper can either be from the pay roll of OEM or Authorized Agents or BCAS approved agencies. In total 4 drivers/ operators are required and out of that one operator needs to be designated as supervisor. They need to operate another equipment on need basis as suggested by CIAL. Retention of staff shall be ensured by the contractor for minimum 2 years. The operator cum drivers needs to be trained for minimum maintenance of the equipment for ensuring business continuity of the equipment on emergency.

1.4   One qualified technician shall be positioned at CIAL for 3 days per week.

1.5  The bidder has to also quote for the buyback of a used Runway Sweeper available in CIAL in as-is condition. Runway Sweeper machine (Schwarze-8500) with HINO Chassis- 2009 model –Imported – Running Condition).

1.6  For the purpose of deciding the Successful bidder, CIAL will consider the total cost of the Runway sweeping machine (Supply, Operation and Maintenance for 9 years as decided ) minus the Price quoted for the buyback of the used Runway Sweeping machine. Inspection of the existing machine can be done on any mutually convenient date in coordination with Mr Manu G, DGM-Operations, CIAL (please see the address for communication –Page number 2)

1.7  The purchase order issuing authority is the Managing Director, CIAL and he shall be the accepting officer hereinafter referred to as for the purpose of award of Contract.

1.8  This document is subject to the Laws of the Republic of India. The party submitting this tender is deemed to have become acquainted with all the provisions of applicable laws, tax provisions, all statutory requirements of Central, State governments, local bodies etc relating to this tender and its performance.

1.9  The Tender document will be issued on payment of Rs 5900/-( GST inclusive) (non-refundable) by Cash/ demand draft favoring Cochin international Airport Ltd, Payable at Ernakulam on any working day between 9.30 hours to 16.00 hours (IST) up to 5th January 2023 from the Commercial department of Cochin International Airport Ltd.

1.10  The last date of submission of sealed tender is 1500 hours of 6th January 2023

General Terms & Definitions of the tender

1.11   “CIAL” means Cochin International Airport Ltd

1.12  CAMC- Comprehensive Maintenance Contract implies all including labour, spares and consumables except fuel.

1.13  “Acceptance of Tender” means the letter of Memorandum communicating to the Tenderer regarding acceptance of his tender.

1.14   “The Accepting authority” means the “Managing Director, Cochin International Airport Ltd” or his representative.

1.15  “The Purchaser” means Cochin International Airport Limited

1.16   The “Tenderer/bidder” means the person/firm or company who submits the tender, and shall be deemed to include their successors / representatives, executors and administrators, as the case may be.

1.17   “Successful Bidder” means the tenderer to which the purchase order has been issued for supply, operation & maintenance of Runway sweeper.

1.18  “The inspecting officer” means the persons, firm or Department authorized by the accepting authority to inspect the Equipment on his behalf. This includes representatives of the inspecting officers so nominated.

1.19  "The contract" means the invitation to tender, instructions to tenderers, tender, acceptance of tender, particulars on the standard and special conditions specified in the acceptance of tender.

1.20  "The contractor" means the person/firm or company with whom the order for the equipment along with standard and special accessories placed and shall be deemed to include the contractor's successors (approved by the purchaser) representatives as executors and administers as the case may be unless excluded by the terms and the contract.

1.21  "Schedule" means the schedule annexed to the acceptance of tender.

1.22  “Equipment/machine” means the Runway sweeping machine which includes the vehicle along with Sweeping machine kit and all its accessories and fittings as detailed in specifications mentioned in the tender.

1.23  If two or more clauses or words conflict, the implication as decided by the purchaser shall apply.

1.24 “OEM” means Original Equipment manufacturer.

1.25  “SOP” means the Standard Operating Procedures at CIAL.


2.1 The bidder is expected to examine all instructions, Forms, Terms and Conditions in the Tender document. Failure to furnish all information as required by the Tender document or submission of a tender not substantially responsive to the Tender document in every respect will be at the bidder’s risk and may result in rejection of his bid.

2.2 The bidder shall not make or cause to be made any alteration, erasure or obliteration to the text of the Tender document.

2.3 In case the bidder has any doubt about the meaning of anything contained in the Tender document, he shall seek clarification from the Office of the Deputy General Manager -Operations, CIAL (as mentioned in the address for communication –page number 2) not later than 05.01.2023. Any such clarification, together with all details on which clarification had been sought, will also be forwarded to all bidders without disclosing the identity of the bidder seeking clarification. All communications between the bidder and CIAL shall be carried out in writing.

2.4 Except for any such written clarification by CIAL, which is expressly stated to be an addendum to the tender document issued by the Office of the Deputy General Manager -Operations, CIAL no written or oral communication, presentation or explanation by any other employee of CIAL shall be taken to bind or fetter CIAL under the tender and its performance thereafter.

2.5 Bids and all accompanying documents shall be in English.

2.6 The Bid form shall be complete in all respects and duly signed and stamped by an authorized and empowered representative of the tenderer. The Bid amount should be clearly written in Indian rupees or US Dollars only.

2.7 Address for Communication at CIAL:

Mr Manu G, Deputy General Manager (Operations), Cochin International Airport Limited, Kochi Airport PO, Ernakulam, Kerala – 683111.Ph: 9539701500, Phone: 0484 2610115 Extn: 2675. E-mail: [email protected] , [email protected]

2.8              Time essence of the contract

Cost of Tender Document
Sale of Tender

Last Date & Time

For Receipt of tender in CIAL

Date and Time of Opening the Technical Bid
Date and Time of Opening the Financial Bid
Rs 5900/-( GST inclusive)
13.12.2022 to 05.01.2023
20.01.2023, 15.00 Hrs
20.01.2023, 15.30 Hrs
15.30 Hrs

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Extension of Tender Submission Date - Click here to download the Addendum


 Extension of Tender Submission Date - Click here to download the Addendum


 Extension of Tender Submission Date - Click here to download the Addendum


Extension of Tender Submission Date - Click here to download the Addendum