1. Cochin International Airport has its International Terminal (T3) spread across 15 Lakhs Sft and its Domestic terminal (T1) with an area of over 6 lakh square feet to meet its ever growing passenger growth. The total passenger movements for the calendar year 2023  was over 10 million.


    1. The Licensee shall use the Location for the sole purpose of setting up, operating, maintaining and managing the Retail Outlets and providing the Services in accordance with the provisions of the tender and Agreement to be executed, during the License Term. Licensee shall ensure that the Retail Outlets are designed, set up, developed, operated, maintained and managed as per standards in line with the image envisaged for the Airport by CIAL and in accordance with the Retail Concepts and the Retail Categories.


    1. CIAL intends to tender the following number of spaces in different terminals for retail operations;

T1 SHA     -  2 stores

               T1 Arrival Cityside -  1 store

               T3 SHA     -  2 stores

               T3 Check in area – 1 store

               T3 Arrival Area – 1 Store


    1. Period of License


The period of License is for 4 years. The date of commencement of the License would be as mentioned by CIAL in its firm allotment letter.  


    1. Location, Category and Area

Sl. No

Space No:


Categories proposed

Minimum monthly license fee

Minimum Revenue share percentage






Fashion Apparel / Premium leather products / Toys / Premium Unisex Footwear

2.25 Lakhs






Luggage / Fashion Jewellery/ Tea /Sleep & home wear

1.25 Lakhs






Mobile Accessories

1.25 Lakhs







Imitation gold Jewellery/undergarments/

Luggage/kids wear

 1.5 Lakhs





T3 Check in Area

Travel Accessories

0.50 Lakhs





T3 Arrival


1.25 Lakhs





T1 Cityside

Mobile & Accessories

0.40 Lakhs




Each shop space location has been allocated for a particular category or categories and hence cannot be changed during bidding.

    1. The tender document will be issued on payment of Rs 2360/-(nonrefundable) by Online transfer/Cash/ demand draft favoring Cochin International Airport Ltd, Payable at Ernakulam on any working day between 9.30 hours to 16.00 hours (IST) from 15th March 2024 and up to 8th April 2024 from the Commercial department of Cochin International Airport Ltd. The last date and time for submission of bids shall be 14.00 hours 9th April 2024 for shops in Terminal -1 and Terminal -3. Tenders will be opened in the presence of available bidders on the same day at 1500 Hrs. If the bidder wishes to use the soft copy version of the tender document for printing the bid documents, they shall submit tender document fees of Rs.2360/- by bank transfer and obtain the PDF copy duly sealed by CIAL on all pages by e-mail. The bidder may print this PDF and submit the tender.


2.2     Eligibility criteria for SHA Stores


Agencies meeting the following eligibility criteria may participate in this tender for shops in the SHAs;


  1. Agencies having bonafide Manufacturing/Retail business experience of not less than 2 years, in carrying on retail/ business activity and an Annual turnover of not less than INR 2 Crores in the specified categories in any one of the last Five financial years.



  1. Any Concessionaire having an Annual Turnover of not less than 25 crores from Airport Retail Business in any one of the last 5 years may participate in any category of this tender provided they bring in any International brands or any recognized Indian brands. An Indian brand will be deemed to be recognized if it is present at any Airport, Metro Rail or Mmajor mall in India.


Eligibility criteria for City side and T3 Check-in Area


  1. Agencies having bonafide Manufacturing/Retail business experience of not less than 2 years, in carrying on retail/ business activity and an Annual turnover of not less than INR 25 Lakhs in the specified categories in any one of the last five financial years.


The criteria set forth in clause 2.2 shall be referred to as Eligibility Criteria for respective locations.


    1. The tender shall be accompanied by an Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) of Rs.2,00,000/- (Rupees Two Lakhs  only) , in the form of Demand Draft favouring “Cochin International Airport Limited” payable at Ernakulam/ Nedumbassery.  The tenders without Earnest Money Deposit shall be summarily rejected.
    2. The tender shall be in a two envelopes system. Tenders shall be submitted in two separate sealed covers (Cover 1 and Cover 2) as given below, super scribing the Cover No. as " Tender for Operat­ing Retail shops in the Terminals of Cochin International Airport”, with the address of the accepting authority and address of the bidder clearly written / typed  on the cover .


    1. Cover 1.  This cover must contain the following:-
  1. General Information regarding the product category including operational experience – Annexure I
  2. Unconditional Acceptance Letter – Annexure III
  3. EMD of Rs 2 Lakhs in the form of Demand Draft
  4. Copy of GST Registration and PAN card
  5. Copy Certificate of Incorporation/Partnership deed
  6. Audited balance sheet for the last 5 financial years.
  7. Documents to prove the 2 year experience in the category of the bidder (Client Experience certificate/Agreement copy).
  8. Certificate from Chartered accountant to prove 2 crores/ 25 lakhs turnover in bidders particular category if the bidder is dealing in multiple category. 


    1. Cover 2.  This cover must contain the following:-
  1. Financial quote in the prescribed Bid form (Annexure –II)
  2. The tender document with all pages duly sealed & signed by the bidder.
    1. Business Model


3.1.1    The purpose of inviting Tenders is to award retail concessions for specified categories in the areas specified above to Concessionaires who specialize in their respective categories.


3.1.2    CIAL shall fix a minimum monthly guaranteed amount and a minimum revenue share percentage for each category. The bidders shall quote for each category for each area separately. The minimum monthly guaranteed amount and the revenue share percentage quoted should be equal to or above than specified in clause above.


3.1.3    In the event of more than one bidder quoting the same highest amount towards monthly minimum guaranteed license fee towards same category, then the license shall be awarded to the bidder that quotes the highest revenue share percentage to CIAL. 


3.1.4    The bidders are required to quote the Minimum monthly license fee for the 1st year. The License will be allotted to the bidder who quotes highest monthly minimum guaranteed license fee for the 1st year to CIAL. There will be compounded annual escalation of 10 % on the quoted license fee every year.


    1. Interest Free Security Deposit

 3.2.1    In the event of making provisional allotment, the successful bidder shall deposit with CIAL, an Interest free security deposit (IFSD) equivalent to 10 (10) months minimum guaranteed monthly license fee quoted for the first year. Out of the total security deposit, Rs.10 lakhs has to be paid in the form of Demand draft and balance in the form of bank guarantee (in CIALs format).  The Interest free security deposit (as mentioned above), shall be remitted within 30 days from the date of provisional allotment.

4.1        Payments to CIAL


4.1.1     Every month, the successful bidder has to pay the revenue share percentage quoted by him on actual monthly turnover or the minimum guarantee quoted by him, whichever is higher. The minimum guaranteed monthly license fee quoted shall be remitted in advance on or before the 10th day of each month irrespective of CIAL raising an invoice.


4.1.2     CIAL shall be at liberty to proceed against the Successful bidder who defaults in the payment of any amounts due to CIAL and recover the amounts with interest @ 18 % per annum from the due date.  Any expense towards legal or any other charges that may be in­curred by CIAL on this account shall be liable to be realized from the Successful bidder.


For further details and Tender document contact Mr. Joseph peter, General manager (commercial) @ 9539701512 or 0484 2610115 (Extn: 3507/2619), [email protected], [email protected] / 9961401104