Sale of EOI document

Last Date & Time

For Receipt of EOI for Shortlisting

20.03.2024 - 03.05.2024

20.05.2024, 1430 HRS

CIAL wishes to appoint a Landscape Architect Firm (Consultant) for landscape design for airport approach road and premises at CIAL. This EOI document is for inviting architectural consultants/firms to submit their interests for shortlisting. Based on the interest submitted and the credential of the work executed by the respective firms, CIAL will be shortlisting a maximum of five firms (consultants) who shall further be asked to submit a concept design and financial bid for the consultancy work. The successful consultant/firm (selected based on the concept design and respective financial bid) shall be awarded the consultancy for design of landscape on approach roads and premises. The other shortlisted firms, invited to submit a concept design, shall be awarded an honorarium for submitting the concept design.

1.   Scope of Work

A.      For Concept Design Stage

The brief scope of work for a Landscape Architectural Consultant, who are shortlisted and invited to the pre-bid meeting and further asked to submit a concept design and financial bid, for the project is as follows.


  • Carry out a brief study of the existing landscape, and site intended for the project as a part of the Prebid meeting. They shall also ascertain CIAL’s requirements, site constrains, proposed master plan for future expansion of approach roads, area available with CIAL along the approach roads, identify parcels/area which could be reasonably landscaped, identify places along the approach roads which could be utilized for commercial activities, identify spaces that can be part of public recreation, identify CCTV coverage plan, utility mapping planning, etc.
  • Prepare a concept design incorporating all the above requirements for landscaping of CIAL approach road and premises.
  • Submit Design Basis Reports for various components in hard and soft copies. These may include the rendered images/video of proposed design concept suiting to the site conditions. Submit a rough estimate of the project cost based on the concept design proposed by the architect.
  • Detailed scope pertaining to the concept design stage is mentioned in the EOI document.

B.  For Successful Architect Consultant/Firm

  • The successful landscape architectural consultant shall initially be awarded the design consultancy for the initial phase of the project for design of landscape of the airport approach roads and premises, from Athani Junction to upto 4-lane airport ROB (Railway Over Bridge). The estimated area for development in the initial phase is around 62000 square meters and the intended average cost of development is Rs. 1500 per square meter including landscape, hardscape, irrigation, and electrical works.
  • The scope of the consultant/firm shall be responsible for carrying out the design & detailed engineering of the landscape design including preparation of all documents & drawings required for inviting tenders. The consultant/firm shall also be responsible for providing the Project Management Consultancy for the project during the execution phase of the project.  The detailed scope of the successful landscape architectural consultant, whose concept design is being selected by CIAL, based on the concept design presented and financial bid, is mentioned in the EOI for reference.

2.   Eligibility Criteria 

CIAL aims to select a Landscape Architectural Consultant/Firm with a proven track record in providing high quality professional services to Airport, Hospitality groups, Government organizations and Institutions. The Landscape Architecture Consultant/Firm may opt for submitting EOI provided that meet all the following minimum eligibility criteria and they submit the necessary supporting with their EOI. Consortiums are not eligible to participate in the selection process.

  1. The Firm/Consultant should have an annual turnover to the tune of Rs.2 Crores during any one of the last five years. The performance for the financial years, 2018-2019, 2019-2020, 2020-2021, 2021-2022, or 2022-2023 will only be considered for the above qualifying parameters. Documents to be submitted shall include all Audited Financial Statements viz; Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account and Schedules annexed thereto. All Audited Financial Statements must have got affixed Unique Document Identification Number (UDIN) of Chartered Accountant, in case if any years Financial Statements does not have UDIN affixed, CA Certificate with UDIN certifying the Turnover of the Company needs to be attached. 
  2. At least one of the Promoters / Partners /Lead Architect should have a master’s degree in landscape architecture.
  3. The proposed team leader for the CIAL project representing the Consultant (herein referred to as Project Architect) and who will be responsible for handling and designing the CIAL project should have a minimum of 10 years of work experience.
  4. The evaluation criteria for selection of the top five architectural consultants/firms, from those who meet the minimum eligibility criteria, based on the experience and credential of the work done is mentioned in detail in the EOI document.

3.      Selection Process

  • The EOI document will be issued on payment of Rs 2360/-(non-refundable) by cash/ demand draft favouring Cochin International Airport Ltd, Payable at Ernakulam on any working day between 9.30 hours to 16.00 hours (IST) from 20th March 2024 upto 3rd  May 2024 from the commercial department of Cochin International Airport Ltd.

The details of bank transfer are as follows.

Bank Account Number          :         15220 2000 00 542

IFSC Code                   :         FDRL 000 1522

Bank Name                  :         The Federal Bank Ltd.

Branch Address           :         Nedumbassery/Extn. Counter

Ernakulam Dist. Kerala,


  • Based on the interest submitted by the consultants/firm, who meets the minimum eligibility criteria, CIAL shall select top five consultants/firms based on the evaluation criteria considering the relevant work experience and credentials of the applicants. The details pertaining to the shortlisting of the top five applicants based on the relevant work experience and credentials are mentioned in the EOI document.
  • The shortlisted firms shall further be invited for a Prebid meeting to have a better understanding on the project aspects and further to present a concept design for the project along with their respective financial bid. CIAL shall evaluate the concept design and those designs which are deemed to be eligible shall be considered for further selection based on their respective financial bid.
  • The successful consultant/firm shall be the one who quotes the lowest financial bid.
  • The consultants/firms shortlisted shall be intimated by 24.05.2024 and invited for a Prebid meeting on 28.05.2024 at CIAL.

4.      Period of Contract                 

The successful architectural consultant/firm must submit the design & detailed engineering drawings, and other documents required for inviting tender for execution of the work within 04 months of the award of the work. Further after, inviting tender for execution of the work, the successful architectural firm shall continue to provide project management consultancy service during the execution phase of the project (10 months).


For further details and EOI document, Contact Senior Manager (Commercial) at 9446035651 or 0484 2610115 (Extn: 3508, 2274), E mail: [email protected], [email protected].