(Subsidiary of Cochin International Airport Ltd.)



Tender No: CIL/SPV/2023-24/06



CIAL Infrastructures Ltd., (hereinafter referred to as ‘Employer’), a wholly owned subsidiary of Cochin International Airport Ltd., proposes to reinstall 1.60 MWp (approximately) aggregate capacity grid connected Roof-top Solar PV power installation at Cochin International Airport, excluding civil and structural works and invites sealed item rate tenders under Two-bid system (Pre-qualification Bid and Price Bid) from eligible bidders.


This is an item rate tender, and the scope of work broadly covers Design, installation, testing and commissioning of Solar PV roof-top installations, over the existing carport structure in front of the Domestic Terminal (approx. 1.20 MWp) and over a drain-top structure on the western periphery of the airport (approx. 0.40 MWp) using departmentally supplied solar PV modules, inverters, CSS etc. The scope also covers supply of balance of system required for the successful completion of the project.


The period of completion shall be Four (04) Months


Bidders fulfilling the following requirements shall be eligible for pre-qualification:

  1. The bidder should have fulfilled either of the two technical expertise (A, B or C) as detailed below:

A.  The bidder should have successfully completed Design, Supply, Installation & Commissioning of a single project of minimum 800kWp (DC Capacity) capacity on turnkey basis during the last 5 years.


B. The bidder should have completed Installation & Commissioning of single project of minimum 1 MWp (DC Capacity) including Solar PV module installation, inverter installation, AC/DC works, during the last five years.


C. The bidder should have completed Installation & Commissioning of two projects of minimum 500kWp (DC Capacity) each including Solar PV module installation, inverter installation, AC/DC works, during the last five years.


  1. The minimum annual turnover of the bidder shall be more than Rs. 4 Crores during any of the last three financial years. The copy of the audited Balance Sheet and Statement of Profit & Loss of the last three financial years of the bidder shall be submitted as proof of the same. 
  2. The bidder should have a valid PF as well as ESI registration. Relevant registration documents shall be submitted as proof of the same. The bidder who is currently eligible for any exemption from the PF Authorities, the exemption/relaxation order issued by the concerned Regional PF Commissioner shall be submitted. If the bidder maintains any insurance coverage for the employees instead of ESI, they shall also produce the relevant copy of insurance certificate as proof of evidence.
  3. Please note that if any of the documents referred above are not in the name of the bidder, the pre-qualification bid submitted by the bidder will be considered as NON-RESPONSIVE and the Price bid document submitted by the bidder in Cover-2 shall not be opened for further evaluation and will be returned to the bidder.


Note:  Joint Venture companies/Consortiums shall not be eligible to bid for this work.



The cost of Bid document (Book No:1 - Pre-qualification Bid & Book No:2 – Price Bid) to be issued to the bidders is Rs. 1575/- (Cost of Tender Document Rs.1500/- plus GST @ 5%, Rs.75/-).  Those who wish to collect the documents by post shall remit additional postal charge of Rs. 500/-.




Bids shall be submitted by eligible bidders along with an EMD of Rs. 1,00,000/- (Rupees One Lakh only) in the form of a Demand Draft drawn in favour of CIAL Infrastructures Ltd., payable at Ernakulam.




Applications for issue of tender documents along with the prescribed cost of bid document shall be submitted by bidders at the office of CIAL Infrastructures Ltd., not later than 19th February 2024. The bid documents will be sold on payment as specified above, from 7th February 2024 to 19th February 2024 during working hours from the from the Office of CIAL Infrastructures Ltd., Near CIASL Academy, Kochi Airport P.O., Nedumbassery, Ernakulam – 683 111.


An online Pre-bid meeting is scheduled on 20th February 2024 at 11.00 AM for providing clarifications on the queries of bidders.


The tender shall be submitted under TWO-BID SYSTEM (Pre-qualification Bid and Price Bid). Bid documents are to be submitted in two envelopes viz: Envelope No.1 (Pre-qualification Bid) and Envelope No.2 (Price Bid). The details of documents to be submitted with each envelope are given below;


Envelope No.1, which shall be super-scribed as “Pre-qualification Bid”, shall contain the following documents;

    1. Book No:1 - Pre-qualification Bid duly filled and signed by the Authorised signatory on all pages
    1. Earnest Money Deposit as specified above.
    1. Unconditional Acceptance Letter (Refer: Tendering Procedures, Section-2: Tender Forms)
    1. Duly signed minutes of the pre-bid meeting.
    1. List of similar works completed in the past, including the documentary proof for the criteria specified under clause (1) of the eligibility criteria. The completion certificate from the client shall be submitted as proof for the same.
    1. The copy of the audited Balance Sheet/ equivalent and Statement of Profit & Loss as proof of the minimum annual turnover of Rs. 4 Crores in any of the last five financial years, as specified under clause (2) of the eligibility criteria. The bidder shall submit IT acknowledgement slip received on e-filing of the returns by the bidders for the last five financial years, and audited financial statements duly signed by the Chartered Accountant shall be enclosed, clearly indicating the turnover and all other relevant details.
    1. Copies of PF and ESI Registration Certificates.
    2. Copy of the partnership deed if the bidder is a partnership firm and attested copy of registration certificate in case of company and sole proprietorship declaration in the case of sole proprietorship firm.
    1. Authority letter in original or attested by notary not more than one year old of the bidder in favour of the person who has signed the tender documents with telephone number and complete postal address.
    1. A self-certificate stating that the firm has not been blacklisted by any Government/PSU and any private organisations.
    1. Litigation history.




Envelope No.2 shall contain the following documents which shall be super scribed as “Envelop No. 2 - Price Bid”.


    1. Book No: 2 - Price Bid duly filled and signed by the Authorized Signatory on all pages.


Both these envelopes (Envelope No.1 and 2) shall be enclosed in a bigger envelope super-scribed as “REINSTALLATION OF 1.6 MWp ROOF-TOP SOLAR PV INSTALLATION” and submitted at the office of CIAL Infrastructures Ltd., Near CIASL Academy, Kochi Airport P.O., Nedumbassery, Ernakulam – 683 111, Kerala on or before 15.00 hours, on 29th February 2024.




Envelope No. 1 containing the Book No.1 (Pre-qualification Bid), Unconditional Acceptance Letter and other pre-qualification documents shall be opened first at 15.30 hours on 29th February 2024.


Envelope No. 2 containing the Book No. 2 (Price bid) of only those pre-qualified bidders shall be opened on a subsequent date after duly intimating the eligible bidders in advance. Envelope No. 2 of those bidders who do not qualify as per the prescribed eligibility criteria shall be returned unopened. The Bidders are therefore advised to strictly go through all the tender conditions and enclose all the required documents to prove their eligibility for pre-qualification as per the prescribed criteria in Envelope No.1, failing which their bid is liable to be rejected.


Any bids received after the stipulated date and time shall be liable for rejection. CIAL Infrastructures Ltd., also reserve all rights to reject any or all the bids received, without assigning any reason whatsoever.




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