CIAL/CIVIL/604                                                                                                              25/10/2023



Item rate E-tenders are invited from reputed Indian civil contractors possessing Civil ‘A’ Class & above registration in CPWD/State PWDs/ MES/Railways or any public sector undertakings for the work mentioned below at Cochin International Airport, Nedumbassery.


Ø  Name of work: Strengthening and Up-gradation of Airport Approach Road & Construction of Road to 09 Lighting area at CIAL.

Ø  Period of Contract                          : 12 months

Ø  Estimated Cost                                 : Rs. 30.45 crores

Ø  Earnest Money Deposit                : Rs. 31,00,000/- (Rs. 20 lakhs through online payment and balance Rs 11 lakhs as Bank guarantee).

Ø  Eligibility Criteria: The applicant may be an individual /proprietorship firm, partnership firm, company or corporation who meets the requisite eligibility criteria prescribed as under. Joint venture companies and consortiums are not permitted to bid. If the applicant is a limited company or a corporation the application shall be signed by a duly authorized person holding power of Attorney for signing the application accompanied by a copy of the power of Attorney. The applicant should also furnish a copy of the memorandum of Articles of Association duly attested by a public notary. Bidders should have: -


1.       Valid Civil ‘A’ Class & above registration certificate in CPWD/State PWDs/ MES/Railways or any public sector undertakings.

2.       Valid PF & ESI registration

3.       A.  The bidder should have completed at least one similar work in single contract or as a part of composite contract valuing more than   Rs.24.5 Crores during the last 07 years (01.08.2016 – 31.07.2023). Or   

B.  The bidder should have completed at least two similar works in single contract   or as a part of composite contract valuing more than   Rs.15.30 Crores during the last   07 years (01.08.2016 – 31.07.2023). Or

C. The bidder should have completed at least three similar works in single contract   or as a part of composite contract valuing more than   Rs.12.20 Crores during the last   07 years (01.08.2016 – 31.07.2023). (Similar work means Construction of Bituminous Road and Allied works)

4.       Annual work contract receipts to the tune of Rs. 46 Crores, during any one of the seven preceding years ending on 30.03.2023. (Audited financial statement for the last 07years 2016-2017, 2017-2018, 2018-2019, 2019-2020, 2020-2021, 2021-2022, 2022-2023, should be produced).

5.       Solvency Certificate from bank of value not less than Rs 8.50 Crores certified by bankers. Solvency certificate should not be older than 01 year from the date of submission of Bid document.

6.       Net Worth: Net Worth of bidders during last audited financial year should be Rs 12 Crores

Value of contract means the cost of construction only. Cost of Land is not considered. The client certificate shall clearly indicate the components of the project, executed value without GST, date of starting of work and the completion date of the work. In case the works are executed for private client, copy of the work order, list of major components of work, executed value without GST, TDS certificate for all payments received from and copy of final/last bill paid by the client shall be submitted. No other documents other than above mentioned could be considered as documentary proof for work experience.


Ø  Cost of Tender Document          : Rs. 2500/- + GST

Ø  Critical Dates

Document download

01/11/2023 0900 hrs onwards

Last Date of Submission of Tender Queries

08/11/2023 till 1800 hrs

Pre-bid meeting

13/11/2023 at 1100hrs

Start date of Bid Submission

15/11/2023 1200 hrs

End date of Bid Submission

27/11/2023 till 1200 hrs

Date of Technical bid opening

28/11/2023 at 1200hrs

Date of Financial bid opening

Shall be notified after technical bid evaluation


Interested agencies may submit their applications along with the attested copies of supporting documents mentioned in eligibility criteria. The agencies should submit the duly filled Annexures (I to VIII) attached with this detailed tender notice along with the prequalification documents.

Tenders of only those contractors who are deemed to be qualified after the scrutiny of their eligibility documents shall be evaluated. Cochin International Airport Ltd reserves the right to change the qualifying criteria at their discretion and to accept or reject any or all tenders without assigning any reason thereof. The tenders not accompanied by EMD shall be summarily rejected.

Interested agencies may register themselves on the online E-Tendering portal https://etenders.kerala.gov.in and download the Tender documents on 01/11/2023.


 Click here to download the Annexures.