DETAILED TENDER NOTICE



CIAL/OPS/TENDER/2023/2                                                                                                                                                                                  16/08/2023                                        


Tenders are invited from reputed Survey Firms for the work of OBSTRUCTION (OLS) SURVEY AND ALLIED SURVEY WORKS INCLUDING POSITIONING OF SUREVEY TEAM  at Cochin International Airport.


Name of work


Scope of work

(a) Conducting Aeronautical Survey including OLS Survey for Existing Runway 09/27 at Cochin International Airport Limited, Kochi including 1st Bi-Annual Survey (3rd year) and 2nd Bi-Annual Survey (5th year) including Validation & Verification by AAI as per Aeronautical Survey Manual,AAI as detailed in the scope of work in this tender document. It includes 8 Kilometer Topographical Survey for the use of Fire and Safety Team.


(b)  Allied Survey Works Including Positioning of One Survey team. It includes deploying one team of Competent manpower (two members) having prior experience in  carrying out aerodrome safeguarding by Control & Monitoring of obstacles in & vicinity of CIAL (within 30NM around airport) for a period of 6 years with GNSS, Total Station and other necessary modern survey equipment provided by CIAL as detailed in the Scope of work in this tender document.

Estimate Amount

Rs. 3,19,89,000 /-

Earnest Money Deposit (EMD)

Rs. 10,00,000/-

Tender Submission Fee

Rs.3,540/- ( incl. GST )

Period of Work

72 months

Period of Issue Tender Document

From 0900 Hrs. (IST) on 16/08/2023

Till 1500 Hrs. (IST) on 31/08/2023

Last date of submission of Pre-Bid Queries

Till 1500 Hrs. (IST) on 30/08/2023


Last Date of submission of tender document

28/09/2023 at 1500 Hrs. (IST)

Date of opening of Technical Bid

28/09/2023 at 1530 Hrs. (IST)


Date of opening of Financial Bid

Will be intimated later


The Tender document will be issued from Operations Office on payment of Rs 3540/-( GST inclusive) (non-refundable) by Bank Transfer/ demand draft favoring Cochin international Airport Ltd, Payable at Ernakulam on any working day between 9.30 hours to 15.00 hours (IST) up to 31th August 2023 from the operational department of Cochin International Airport Ltd.Postal charges of Rs. 590 ( GST incl ) extra if tender book is sent via Post.



Eligibility Criteria



The bidder should be a reputed Survey firm, who is empaneled by AAI for conducting Aeronautical Survey of Airports managed by AAI viz. GIS circular 03/2021 dated 10.12.2021.

(Documents to be submitted: Company Profile of bidder & duly self attested GIS Circular 03/2021  & AAI empanelment certification if any)


The bidder should have executed similar OLS Survey work in reputed Airports (AAI/ Private), valuing not less than  Rs.50 lakhs, during the preceding 5 (Five) years.

(Documents to be submitted: Satisfactory work completion certificate/s for each of the Survey, from the competent authority of the customer, mentioning the following:

i.        Purchase Order number and date,

ii.       Nature of work & Quality of work executed,

iii.      Period of execution and work completion date,

iv.      Value of contract.

v.       Service support

Purchase Order Copy & AAI Validation & Verification certificate also needs to be submitted


The Bidder should have minimum annual turnover of Rs.2.5 Crore in any of the last five financial years.

(Documents to be submitted: (i) Audited Profit & Loss statement for last five years and (ii) Audited Balance Sheet  iii) Certificate from the Chartered Accountants duly signed with UDIN certifying the turnover of the company for the last 5years (FY17-18,FY18-19,FY19-20,FY20-21,FY21-22) (FY22-23 can be provided if available).


Satisfactory certificates from different clients to   prove that the Bidder has completed OLS Survey in minimum 3 different Airports during the last 10 years.

 (Documents to be submitted: Completion certificate of already executed works & satisfactory certificates from different airports stating the same.)


The bidder should not have been blacklisted by any of the             reputed organization. 

(Documents to be submitted: Self declaration by the bidder. If the bidder has already executed any work in CIAL, certificate from the competent authority of CIAL regarding satisfactory service support of the bidder should be submitted)


a.        All pre-qualification criteria should be met by the bidder.

b.       Not more than one tender shall be submitted by a contractor or by firm of contractors.

c.        No two or more concerns in which an individual is interested as proprietor and /or partner shall tender for the execution of the same works. If they do so all such tenders shall be liable to be rejected.


Cochin International Airport Ltd reserves the right to change the qualifying criteria at their discretion and to accept or reject any or all tenders without assigning any reason thereof. The tenders not accompanied by EMD shall be summarily rejected.



                                                                                                MANAGING DIRECTOR