Experience the CIAL Advantage

The uniqueness of the CIAL advantage lies in its solar powered infrastructure. Serving millions of passengers every year, the airport is known for its phenomenal growth and unprecedented service that lights up their hearts and generates bright smiles.

At CIAL, the aim is not just to provide travel and other hospitality services, but engage our customers in what they deem as excellent service that they are unlikely to get from anywhere in the world. Enjoy the CIAL advantage with a number of specialised services, excellent travel deals, enticing shopping extravaganzas, sumptuous dining options and that’s just the beginning.

Though the airport closed briefly during the Covid 19 pandemic, we opened up once the situation eased a bit, and continued with renowned vigor to serve our passengers providing class travel experiences in a spate of activity. Normal flights resumed, and customers were delighted to be a part of intriguing travel experiences once more.