Airport Information

Opening new vistas in air travel infrastructure Cochin International Airport has set the benchmark by marking itself as the first ever fully solar powered airport in the world. Being a dynamic airport, CIAL has already established itself as one of the busiest airport hubs of the world, delivering unlimited, apodictic service throughout the years.

We focus on providing unrivalled care to our patrons in an environment that’s safe, secure and appealing. Our partnership with all the major airlines of the world has enabled us to give premium, priceless travel experiences. For us, CIAL is not just the platform for people to travel to and fro or across the world, it is a portal where they take home experiences that make them want to come back for more.

Our aim is to excel ourselves with each snippet of service that we provide, and awe our customers with the plethora of options arrayed before them. Right from the moment they step into the airport, till the moment they step out to their destination, we provide seamless experiences, the memories lasting a lifetime.