Facilities & Services

The medical unit at Cochin International Airport provides the following services:

    • First-aid in the event of aircraft / airport emergencies
    • First-aid to passengers, visitors and others airport users
    • Standby medical services for VVIP/VIPs
    • First-aid to employees on-duty of all agencies operating at Cochin Airport


A medical inspection unit has been established at the airport to render the above services. The MI Room terminal is manned round the clock, by the Medical Officer and one medical assistant.The MI room is provided with a bed, medical equipments, sufficient quantity of medical equipments, medicines, dressing materials and linen.A First Aid Room with all facilities like bed, medicines etc., is available at the fire station to attend to any casualty cases.

First Aid Boxes have been provided at the following locations at the airport for immediate utilization:

    • Fire Station
    • Ambulance
    • Power House

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