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CIAL crosses one-crore passenger mark for the second consecutive FY

The Cochin International Airport has crossed the 10 million (1 crore) passenger mark for the second consecutive year during 2018-19 despite the closure of the airport for 15 days in mid-August last year after the airport facilities were flooded. For the first time since the beginning of operations, CIAL had crossed the 10 million passenger mark in a year in 2017-18.

The total number of passengers who travelled through all the four airports in the State during 2018-19 comes close to 1.65 crores, out of which CIAL’s share stands at 1.02 crores, which is 61.8 per cent.

Of the 1.02 crore passengers who travelled through CIAL, 52.68 lakhs travelled in the domestic sector. This is the first time in the CIAL history that the domestic passenger volume surpassed that of the international sector. The total aircraft operations for this period was 71,871 against 69,665 in the previous year.

Kochi airport started operations  on June 10, 1999. It handled 4.95 lakh passengers in the initial year till March 2000. The first full year 2000-01 saw a passenger volume of 7.72 lakhs. The passenger volume crossed 10 lakhs during 2002-03.

The cumulative figure (the total number of passengers travelling through CIAL since its inception) touched 1 crore in seven years. It added the next 10 million in three years and the third 10 million in another 2.5 years.CIAL handled more than 50 lakh passengers in 2013-14. The number increased to 77.57 lakh in 2016-17 and crossed the 10 million mark in a single year during 2017-18.Altogether, CIAL has handled 8.39 crore passengers since 1999. The total aircraft movements for the whole period of operation is 7,37,049. In order to accommodate the ever increasing domestic traffic, CIAL renovated its terminal-1 which was launched on 21st March. As per the ongoing summer schedule, the airport handles 1,672 aircraft movements weekly. It offers direct connectivity to 23 Indian cities and 16 international destinations

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